7 Killer Gift Ideas for the Pet Lover in Your Life


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Finding the perfect gift for someone can be hard, but shopping for the pet lover in your life can be a lot of fun. You just have to know what all the possibilities are. Here are seven creative and unique gift ideas for pet lovers that are guaranteed to be a hit.

Custom Dog Shirt

Say it loud, wear it proud. If you know pet parents who love to show off pictures of their pets, then you know they’d love a custom shirt. Have a custom dog shirt made with a large image of the pet on the front. In addition to being unbearably adorable, now the pet lovers don’t have to dig through their phones to find pictures of their furry friends. It’s both a visually enjoyable and a practical gift idea.

And if the pet lovers in your life have multiple pets they love to brag about, get them custom dog shirts for each pet in their home! (You wouldn’t want the pets getting jealous of each other.)

Dog Art Prints

Dog Art Prints

Many pet lovers like to decorate their homes with framed photos of their pets. Really wow them with the gift of dog art prints. Whether it’s a stretched canvas or an acrylic piece, it will really brighten up the place in a creative, artistic way. Pet lovers will brag about the unique, custom piece that shows their pets in a different light. Dog art prints are a nice way to feed your loved ones’ pet obsession.

Pet Blanket

Pet snuggle time is the best. Your pet lover friends will never know just how great it can be until you get them a blanket with an image of their pets on it. Winters cuddled up on the couch with a pet and a pet blanket just got a whole lot better.

A pet blanket is also a sweet gesture for people who have lost beloved pets and miss snuggling up close to them. Although it could certainly never replace what they have lost, it can at least bring some comfort, allowing them to keep an immortalized image of their pets close to them.

Custom Yoga Mat

Know friends who are also obsessed with yoga? Feed both their obsessions by giving them custom yoga mats. Whenever they have trouble getting into a calm mindset, all they have to do is look down and see their pet’s adorable face looking back at them.

This is a unique gift idea that you don’t have to worry about double-gifting someone. (And even if there were a double-gift situation, who doesn’t want two custom yoga mats?)

Custom Tote Bag

Custom Tote Bag

Give them a reason to carry their pets with them wherever they go, even when they can’t physically take them. A custom tote bag with their pet’s face on it is the perfect accent to any fashion ensemble.

Pet Journal

Writers need something to write in, and pet-loving writers need something with a picture of their pets on it. Give your loved one the perfect space to write in with a custom pet journal. Whether they are happy, sad, or just emotional when they write in their journals, the image of their fur babies is sure to make them smile.

Custom Tablet or Phone Case

Everyone likes to customize their devices with a personalized case. A tablet or phone case with their pets’ faces on it is the perfect gift for pet lovers. So even while at work, they can still see their pets’ beautiful, happy face beside them on their desks.

Don’t make gift buying for the pet lover in your life harder than it has to be. Get excited and have some fun with it!

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