5 Tools Every Gardener should Posses

Do you find gardening days tough and tiring? Then you have not come across to the best-helping hands till yet. Gardening can be way easier and fun when you have the best of gardening tools in your box. But before you acquire them, make sure the tools are constructed for hands, have a strong grip, and avoid sharp edgy tools as much as you can. Let’s have a look at the important gardening apparatus that every gardener should own.

Garden trowel – a trowel is a foremost appliance that every gardener should own. It helps in digging soft to the hard soil, putting it back and transports an amount of chunk from one place to another.

 garden trowel fork set

There are several kinds of trowels available in the market for masonry purposes, gauging trowel for smoothening, or a cathole trowel but you need the specifically gardening trowel which has a pointed edge that will make your work a lot easier in sowing seeds, digging up mud, and even mixing fertilizers. Make sure you choose a trowel that is made up durable stainless steel and won’t break easily or rust away. If you clean it often and store it in a proper place then it will surely run for a long period of time.

Backpack Sprayer – Guarding your favorite plants against harmful insects and diseases it is important to show some love and care by spraying pesticides and insecticides over them. For this, you can own a backpack sprayer that will save your time by eliminating a correct amount to all the plants.

This versatile appliance is a quick way to spray and is extremely hassle-free. Just fill the tank with enough of liquid pesticides and spray gently over the plants. The shrubs will eventually stay away from insects and will showcase the best results. You can also use this for various purposes like watering plants, cleaning the roots and other gardening purposes. Isn’t it better than the hand sprays?

Golden Gark – golden garks are popular for gardening because of their immense capability of multiuse. You can sieve soil, shove and rake fallen dried leaves. It is usually constructed out of polycarbonate material that is lightweight but very durable. You can easily collect autumn leaves and collect them in the wheelbarrow.

Golden Gark

Instead of taking three to four tools for sieving, you can take one golden gark perfect for a huge garden use. It is useful in shedding down stones or debris from the stack and when it comes to sifting, it is the best one can get.

Wheelbarrow – after using a golden gark the next thing that comes to use is a wheelbarrow. It can help in moving a huge pile of leaves, dirt, and soil across the garden. A wheelbarrow is more than just carrying stuff around. It also becomes a tray whenever you have to mix fertilizers. Make sure before you load the wheelbarrow, the tyres are fully inflated and is in a good condition to carry.


The handles of the wheelbarrows are made up of galvanized steel for a strong grip and maintain its durability. It is different from a hand trolley since it is smaller in sizes which are perfect for smaller gardens but if you have a huge area, then you should definitely take the help of a wheelbarrow.

Pruner – in this list of tools that every gardener should own, you can never miss out a pruner in the list. It plays a prime role in pruning and thus its name is a pruner. It helps in chopping off an infected leaf or cut branches and even small parts of a plant. It is uncomplicated to use and sheds off a large part.


There are two kinds, an anvil, and a bypass. To get a fine and smooth chopping, it is advisable that gardeners should opt for bypass pruners. Just check the correct angle and slice in seconds. The best part is that you don’t have to exert unnecessary force thus saving you from hand soreness that usually people find in pruning. To get the best results, clean them often and sharp them as dull pruners can be hectic for hands. Here you can call a pest specialist for more details.

Gardening is indeed a great work and especially when now forests are depleting rapidly. So, these were the major tools that every gardener should have but besides these, there are notable appliances that you can keep for gardening purposes. An apron that you should wear while you are out for gardening works, a small bin, spades, and hose pipes to drain a huge amount of water. It is for sure that if you grab these essential tools then your gardening time will become a lot easier and interesting than before.

By Matthew McDisa

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