Types of Jeep Wrangler Tops Defined

Whether you’ve just purchased a Jeep Wrangler or you’re gearing up to go on an adventure with your favorite Wrangler, it’s important to pick the right top. Upgrading your Jeep top can give you brand-new look and a whole new range of convenient options as you commute, take a road trip or blaze your own trails. Find out the difference between Jeep hardtops, soft tops and more with this helpful guide.

Hard Tops

The most durable and long-lasting option for your Jeep is a hard top. A hard-topped Jeep has the most insulation and convenience during winter rides or to prepare for sudden rain showers. Just like your truck cab or favorite SUV, a hard-topped Jeep is good for any weather and climate.

However, when it comes to summer road trips and fun-filled weekends, a hard top can be a bit of a let down. The iconic look, cool breeze and airy feel of a soft-topped Jeep is hard to replicate with a hard top.

Framed Soft Tops

A good balance between the two is a framed soft top. This design uses a sturdy aluminium frame to anchor your soft cloth or vinyl top. The frame gives you the support you need in high wind situations, while you can still remove the top for that classic convertible feel. However, a framed soft top is far more difficult to remove than a frameless one. This feature alone, in practice, means you’ll be less likely to bother with taking the top on and off.

Frameless Soft Tops

Frameless soft tops are a more comfortable, practical option for many Jeep enthusiasts. One of the best reasons to own a Jeep is to cruise down a trail with an open top. A frameless soft top gives you all the luxury and freedom of the open air and is easier to put back on should a sudden thunderstorm catch you off guard. Most frameless models come in a modular design, which makes it easy to store, remove and replace panels as needed.

However, frameless soft tops are more likely to be damaged than hard tops. They are also slightly more difficult to put back on and can be difficult to completely seal. These soft tops are best used in the summer and warm climates, where insulation isn’t an issue.

Bikini Top

A sleek, popular top for summertime fun is the bikini top. This Jeep Wrangler option has a folding sunroof and windows that zip down, while the entire back is open to the elements. This can be a good and bad feature, depending on the elements. While the breezy backseat may be a great place to relax in the summer, your backseat drivers may not appreciate the fact that they have little protection from a sudden thunderstorm.

Now that you know some of the essential features of the most popular Jeep Wrangler tops, you’re ready to hit the trails and create your own adventure. Shop for your favorite top, Jeep mud tires and other accessories online to get the best deals and find the best rated pr

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