Top 3 Mods for Suzuki Boulevard C90

Sleek, fast and ready to roll whenever you are, the Suzuki Boulevard C90 is a true treasure among cruisers. Even so, any factory bike has room for improvement, especially if you’re looking to get the absolute best performance out of it in the coming years. While there are dozens of aftermarket and OEM mods to choose from that could potentially boost your ride experience, there are some that make  a bigger difference than others. Check out the top 3 mods for Suzuki Boulevard C90 to ensure you’re getting the most out of your ride:

Fenders and Mud Flaps

One of the best genuine Suzuki Boulevard C90 parts you can install on your ride are new fenders or mud flaps. Fenders have the ability to give the appearance of your ride a new twist, a small difference that manages to set it apart from the rest while maintaining its original style. Furthermore, investing in new fenders now and again also ensures that you’re able to keep your bike looking pristine despite the road debris and hazards you meet while moving forward. Mud flaps, too, serve the purpose of keeping your bike looking pristine when you’re out in rides during less-than-ideal weather, and keep the mud and muck off of you as well.

Saddlebag Supports

Your cruiser is perfect for those long-haul trips, but, like most other bikes, it lacks one key feature: storage space. It’s hard to take a cross-country cruising trip without a good place to store clothes, food and other essentials. Fortunately, you have the option to add storage to your bike with saddlebags and luggage racks. Saddlebag supports are crucial mods because they allow you to carry more in your bags and to keep your supplies completely out of the way of your tires, regardless of how many supplies you’re bringing along. If you find yourself out on overnight trips often, this is the mod for you.

Extra Seating

It’s always nice to head out on the open road, but doing so with a companion is even better. Additional seats are some of the best Suzuki OEM parts out there because they transform a solitary ride into something you can enjoy with family or friends that may not have bikes of their own. You can also choose to update your own seat for an all-around more comfortable ride that keeps you on the road longer so you’re covering more distance every time you head out. Whether you’re adding a secondary touring seat, upping the comfort of your own seat or even adding supportive seat backings, this is a mod that no Boulevard C90 rider should overlook.

Paired with dozens of other available mods and upgrades, these 3 mods have the power to transform how you use and experience your Boulevard C90 every time you head out for a new adventure. Best of all, each of them are quick and easy to install, meaning you’ll spend less time upgrading and more time travelling to any destination on your list. Check out these motorcycle aftermarket parts on sale and others at preferred online bike parts store and build a bike that’s designed from top to bottom to fit your individual needs as a biker.

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