The pig phone holder is simple to use and high quality cell phone stand which works on virtually with every smartphone. The  phone holder uses a strong suction cup to safely secure itself to the mobile phone. The pig cell phone holder is made from durable non-slip silicon head which gives better suction quality. You can be worry free about the pig phone mount scratching or damaging the cell phone.


pigp hone holder


  • The original piggy back cell phone stand:

The pig cell phone holder is made using high quality materials. The mobile phone holder’s superior suction cup does not leak air. It gives confidence to the person that the pig mobile phone holder will not detach from the cell phone until the user pull it off. The mobile phone holder is simple and functional and is made to work virtually with every smartphone.

piggy back phone holder

The cell phone mount is light in weight which makes it a perfect traveling mate. The pig mobile phone holder is available with six different fun colors and are compatible  iPhone 1, iPhone 2, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Samsung galaxy, Note.

Piggy back phone stand

Benefits of pig phone holder:

  • The piggy back smart phone holder can be adhered directly to the back of most of the phones and hard cases.
  • The phone holder provides steady and firm support and cell phone mount can hold the mobile phone horizontally or vertically.
  • The pig design cell phone holder is ideal for watching movies, viewing photos, playing games, video calling or reading.
  • The pig shape phone mount is the perfect cell phone holder for every person’s desk.

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The piggy back phone mount can be applied and removed very easily. The phone holder is compact and light in weight comparing to traditional stands. This smart phone holder allows to enjoy videos and games on the screen at the right, adjustable angle. The pig phone mount suction rubber stand helps to lift the screen up. Check out wholesale pig shape phone holder with us.

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