Most Popular VR Educational Apps in 2019

There are many ways to gain knowledge. One can read books, listen to podcasts, attend courses, lectures, seminars, and masterclasses. New technologies allow us to fully immerse ourselves in the world we are studying and gain first-hand knowledge. Yes, we are talking about VR and its incredible benefits for getting an education.

A recent research conducted by the collaboration of Bayburt University and Atatürk University regarding VR apps has shown they can be easily applied in all the life spheres, such as 

  • tourism
  • education
  • manufacturing
  • medicine
  • e-commerce
  • architecture.  

This trend is still growing, so statistics change really fast. 

Since the technology of virtual and augmented reality is developing at a frantic pace, the acquisition cost becomes lower every year. This allows almost everyone to get a special set, and then it is all about the content. In this article, we will discuss the most popular VR apps.


This incredible application was created to tell all the possible details about the human body. Using it, one can study all the anatomically accurate components, simulate diseases and their effects, customize physiology, and much more.

Now children can learn biology much easier, in a fun and interactive way. But honestly, this application will greatly surprise many adults as well. It is suitable for Vive, Rift, and Google sets.

MEL Chemistry

The second application will help those studying chemistry and be beneficial while conducting various experiments.

Usually, people either immediately fall in love with chemistry or hate it since the first lesson. The fact is that this is such a subject that you do not just need to learn; you also have to understand it.

Due to the complicacy of the field, sometimes it is better to delegate the assignment on Chemistry (or, broadly, any other subject) to professionals who can do the work for you. Nowadays, if one needs to find someone to essay help service, they simply Google it in the search bar. The professionals will do everything else.

But if you want to understand Chemistry and are ready to invest time, check the app called MEL Chemistry VR. Each lesson begins in the laboratory with interactive reagents, a bunch of colorful objects, and a comprehensive presentation. The study process will engage anyone!

Universe Sandbox²

You have definitely played or seen games in the genre of “god simulator” at least once in your life. This includes, for example, Sims, and other similar games.

Universe Sandbox ² is the application of such kind. It will not only help in studying the universe but will also provide the opportunity to simulate various scenarios. You can create entire planets, change the climate, populate them and just as easily destroy everything. Sounds awful, but the process itself is incredibly exciting. 

How else to study the laws of the universe if not as its creator?

The VR Museum of Fine Art

If you do not like the destruction of the planets and you would more likely explore art, this application is for you. Here you will find fine art in all its manifestations and be able to study the classics among world-famous works.

Who knows, maybe all future galleries will be like this app. Hurry up to be among those who in a few years will be able to say “nothing new”! At the same time, you can learn everything about the exact art that you find the most beautiful.

Learn Languages VR

What else can one do in virtual reality? Learn languages, for example. Yes, we all would like to reach the level of technology when you do not have to learn any foreign word, but so far this is the case.

Many of us, even those who have studied a particular language for long, lack practice. We need situations from real life and not from books or YouTube channels. This application will help to recreate the conditions of a conversation with a native speaker following the chosen scenario.

Isn’t that cool? You can sit at home on the couch and at the same time practice conversational French-speaking with the person on the train. You can also talk to someone in a restaurant and learn how to place an order, ask something at the reception and much more. Choose any situation that interests you and start using the knowledge as you would in real life.

Ocean Rift

What else can be studied besides languages, art, the human body, and the universe? For example, the ocean depths. They hide no fewer secrets than all other things.

With Ocean Rift, you can easily explore as many as 12 habitats, look at dolphins, sharks, fur seals, manatees, and other aquatic creatures.

The deeper one dives, the more dangerous the water is, so be careful not to stumble upon deadly creatures. Maybe, you do not need such a colorful experience and just want to relax? Then sit back in your chair and simply watch how different fish swim past you, forget about your worries and get a therapeutic rest. 

Your virtual reality helmet will feel like a diving mask which will only enhance your experience. Remember, holding your breath is not necessary.

Tilt Brush

This application will help one feel like a real creator of contemporary art. You will get all the possibilities of drawing in 3D space. Controllers will serve as a brush, and you will be able to choose any color and create absolutely anything. Errors can be removed as in conventional image editors, and the controllers themselves are very accurate and smooth.

The presence of just one brush is generously compensated by the ability to add various animated effects like shiny stars, traces of smoke, and other entertaining gizmos. So if you see in yourself or, perhaps, your child a creative potential, do not let it fade.

Wrapping Up

All these applications will help you learn the depths of the ocean, create entire universes, learn languages, the human body, draw, and examine the tiniest details of the creations of world art.

You no longer need to go anywhere to see something interesting. Most importantly, these are only a few examples of virtual and augmented reality content. There are even more interesting and informative discoveries, emotions, and questions ahead.

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