3 Most Popular Semi Truck Accessories for Fall

The fall is quickly approaching, and it is time to make sure that your rig is set for the coming cold. Therefore, you need to start thinking beyond things like Kenworth seat covers, which are great, and start thinking about your overall comfort for the coming fall season. While every trucker has their list of essentials, like TVs, microwaves and mini-fridges, this list is aimed at the more practical side of things. There are at least three items that every trucker should have as the leaves start changing, and the air-conditioning gets to take a rest.

  1. Seats

Yes, every truck already comes with a seat installed, but these seats are not the best for your back. Also, how long have you had your current truck seat? These crucial components of your big rig have limited lifespans, especially with the amount of time every truck driver spends sitting getting from point A to point B. Therefore, treat yourself to any of the Semi truck seats for sale at your local stores or online. You can get seats with memory foam cushions, lumbar support and even climate control. Make sure that you are ready to ride this coming season.

  1. Screens

Next on the list are Semi truck window screens. With the fall, temperatures drop to between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you can give the A/C a rest and crack a window. However, instead of leaving windows wide open at night, which isn’t the most secure thing to do, install a screen. Beyond security, these screens help to prevent bugs from getting into your cab. They come in full and half size and are typically made to fit most trucks. If the screens are not enough to keep you cool, you can also purchase a box fan for your cab.

  1. Floor Protectors

Last, autumn brings with it lots of rain, which means mud, and mud means dirty truck floors. Therefore, to avoid the mess that the fall brings, pick up a set of floor protectors. While these protectors typically come in a variety of materials, it is best to avoid the ones made of carpet. Choose the vinyl or rubber mats, which are easy to remove and spray off with a hose, keeping everything nice and tidy inside your truck’s cab. You can also find some mats with a raised lip, ensuring that all the debris stays within the pan or liner.

Semi-truck drivers are a tough group of people, but the changing seasons can be a challenge for their trucks. Therefore, before the fall sets in, make sure that you have everything you need to maintain a comfortable and clean driving experience. Get yourself a new chair to ensure that you are comfortable and alert for all of your routes. Ensure that your truck stays cool and ventilated by picking up some window screens, and maintain the cleanliness of your cab by picking up a set of vinyl or rubber floor protectors. Last, love your job and enjoy the ride.

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