13 Gift Ideas for Former Students: How to Surprise Your Beloved Child after Graduation

Graduation is a great occasion to make a gift for your kid that will be remembered for a long time. It is important to give a symbolic meaning that one period ends and a new, even more interesting, but responsible one begins. 

Good old days of endless parties and pulling all-nighters within tight deadlines – unless, of course, your kid was a frequent user academic platforms like EssayPro website – are finally over! It’s time to congratulate your beloved one and make this day even brighter and more memorable for a former student.

To make this task easier for you, we have made a selection of interesting suggestions.

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Choose a tour and ensure some vibrant experience for a recent graduate. Surprise one with the tickets to a destination of a dream. It can be weekend somewhere at the seashore or a tour to European capitals and cities. 


Today’s young people cannot imagine their lives without a good smartphone. Parents do not always understand these subtleties, which cannot be said about their children. For many of them, Apple products are the highest level of excellence in IT technology. 

So if you want to surprise your loved one, consider buying a new iPhone model!


The school days will forever remain in one memory because this period is associated by many with the first and happiest moments of life.

A beautiful, elegant gold ring, bracelet, or chain of original weaving will be a wonderful graduation gift!

Driving School

Another great idea for those who don’t have a driving licence yet.

Let the kids feel their new status – pay for the driving school courses

Professional Photo Shoot

A professional photoshoot is more than just about fancy pics. Give such a wonderful gift, and you will stop the moment. Let your beloved young adult have his or her beauty captured forever!

Gym Membership

A healthy body has a healthy spirit. Appearance and physical shape is a kind of business card in today’s world. 

A healthy lifestyle and good looks matter a lot. Give a graduate a season ticket to a fitness club of one’s choice. At this age, young people are passionate about their appearance, and the gift will be really appreciated.

Certificate for Sports Equipment

If a former student is an athlete, the gift will be very useful. Perhaps one has been dreaming of mountain biking or snowboarding. Or maybe the person is a fan of hiking and dreams of new travel equipment. 

Buy a certificate and let one decide what exactly to opt for. 

Tickets for a Concert

Anyone will be pleased to get a ticket to a concert of one’s favorite band. If you know recent graduate’s tastes well, it is easy to determine where one would like to go. 

If you are not so sure, there are plenty of music festivals! Choose one, and you will bring a truly awesome experience to your loved one.

More New Knowledge

If a graduate applies further to a university or other educational institution, you can make a gift that will help prepare the student for the entrance exam. Book a set of specialized literature or pay for a tutor for the summer. 

If yesterday’s student really sets a goal to continue one’s studies, such care will be much appreciated. Or maybe you know about some field that is of particular interest for your loved one? Pick an online platform and choose from their lists of courses!

Memorable Watch with the Inscription

Despite the fact that in this age of high technology, you can easily check what time it is on your smartphone, a beautiful wristwatch remains a popular accessory among young people. 

A status watch may be a wonderful gift for a young person. An engraving with a commemorative inscription will make this a watch really personal.

E-Book Reader

If your loved one still doesn’t have such a device, you should consider making a present. 

This gadget has many advantages. Readers can upload entire libraries to it. Moreover, there is a big benefit to the budget – today, paper books are quite expensive. 

An e-book is extremely functional and durable, a perfect choice for a graduation gift. 

Something for a Hobby

Every person has a hobby. Give your children a gift that fits one’s favorite activity. 

If a former student is into music, it can be a guitar. If one is interested in hiking, consider a modern backpack with lots of pockets and compartments. 


If you haven’t found anything suitable to give your graduate as a gift, there’s still one proven option – money. 

We bet a former student will find a way to spend it!

On the Last Note

It is your decision what kind of gift to choose. You can go for something expensive and significant or symbolic and humble. 

The main thing is to show your beloved one how proud you are of one’s successes and how happy this day makes you feel. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you find “the one” option, and you are ready to surprise a recent graduate!

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